The Dream

We want to see equality, diversity and inclusion play a central role in FIFA’s decision making from now on. The time for deals all about money has passed.

FIFA must ensure that human rights are properly and effectively considered in its decision making - the financial benefit of a deal is not more important than the rights of those it impacts upon. Football is no game without the fans and the players – and that includes everyone.

This means reforms from the top down in the world of football to promote inclusion and ensure that, no matter who they are, everyone can access, spectate, participate in and enjoy the beautiful game. This also means that an effective ‘Fit and Proper’ assessment is introduced and fully implemented which should have input from affected groups and ensure that unconscious bias is countered through understanding, acknowledgement and learning.

It is no longer possible for FIFA to counter the human rights issues which have plagued the preparations for the 2022 World Cup. Instead, we join with groups asking FIFA to put their money up front and ensure that every single migrant worker is paid in full and that the families of those who have died are compensated properly.

Finally, and most hopeful, is that by shining a light on the abuse of migrant workers and the persecution of LGBT+ Qataris, we can focus attention on the human rights violations which are currently routine outside of the tournament. We acknowledge that improving the human rights situation in Qatar might be some way off, but we hope to inspire micro level conversations between individuals which, when allowed to happen, make both football and society more accepting and understanding over time.

There will be a day when we can all have Pride in the beautiful game.